Are There More Options Than Abortion?

pregnant woman thinking about abortion

Abortion is the only option that terminates a pregnancy. While it may seem like an obvious choice for an unplanned pregnancy to some, there are other options. 

When you select parenting or adoption, you continue your pregnancy and give birth. The path you take will be different with each one, but they can provide new possibilities for your future. 

Cleburne Pregnancy Center’s advocates know how difficult it is to make a pregnancy decision. That’s why we provide free and confidential options counseling so you can weigh each choice and make an educated decision. 

Could I Parent?

At its core, parenting is about helping your child’s goals and dreams flourish. You lay the groundwork for a bright future, but this doesn’t mean being a parent isn’t challenging. You’ll want to consider this option carefully. 

You may wonder whether you can parent if you have financial concerns, a lack of a support system, and more. Perhaps you have questions like:

  • What would life look like if I chose parenting?
  • How can I find stable housing for me and my child?
  • Where can I find diapers, wipes, and maternity clothing?

But this option may be more possible than you expected. With the proper resources, you could tackle parenting head-on. 

When you speak with one of our advocates, we’ll address any fears you have about parenting and answer your questions. When you make an informed pregnancy decision, you empower yourself to do what’s best for your life. 

We’ll also connect you to community resources providing material assistance, counseling, and more. Choosing to parent can feel daunting, but you have more help than you think. 

Is Adoption the Best Option?

Some women struggle to wrap their minds around adoption, especially if they believe it entails “giving up a child.” However, adoption is far different from how it was decades ago. As the birth mother, you have the final say. 

With adoption, you place your child in an adoptive family that you choose. You can meet the family before you give birth and establish a relationship with them. 

You can select from the following adoption plans:

  • Open adoption: You have regular contact with the child and adoptive family through phone calls, visits, and more. 
  • Semi-open adoption: You have contact with the child and adoptive family, but it occurs through a third party (such as an adoption attorney or agency).
  • Closed adoption: All identifying records are sealed, and you won’t have contact with the adoptive family. You remain anonymous.

There’s a lot to think about with adoption, and it isn’t an easy choice. Remember, this is your pregnancy decision. No one can pressure you to choose adoption or any option you’re uncomfortable with. 

You won’t pay for adoption services and may be entitled to material aid, counseling, etc. The adoption agency’s role is to walk alongside you during this time and ensure you feel supported. 

Our advocates can discuss adoption with you and refer you to reputable agencies if you’re interested in learning more. We’re here to help you understand this option. 

We’re Here For You

Cleburne Pregnancy Center provides free and confidential services to women with unplanned pregnancies, including ultrasounds, options counseling, and more. 

We don’t provide or refer for abortion services but offer factual information on all your options. You deserve to make an informed choice. 

Make an appointment today. We’re here for you. 

Note: Abortion is currently illegal in Texas except in cases of life endangerment, but women cannot be held criminally or civilly liable for seeking one.