Can I Get Help With Pregnancy Expenses if I Choose Adoption?

woman curious about adoption

It’s reasonable to expect help with pregnancy expenses if you are placing your child for adoption. You may struggle financially or need extra support as you continue your pregnancy.

Whether you receive help depends on your state’s adoption laws and what the adoptive parents provide. Adoption agencies can also provide ongoing support. Keep reading to learn more about what you’re entitled to as a Texas resident.

What Can I Receive?

In Texas, the adoptive family is financially responsible for the following expenses:

  • The birth parents’ attorney fees
  • Prenatal, pregnancy, and birth expenses for the birth mother and child
  • Reasonable expenses that cover additional pregnancy expenses (i.e., rent, grocery bills)

If you give birth and change your mind about placing a child for adoption, you are not required to “pay anyone back” for the covered expenses. Your expenses will vary on an individual basis, and a Texas judge must approve any payment by the adoptive family.

In addition to what’s covered above, your adoption agency can help you find additional support, including mental health counseling services. Your well-being is the priority, and as the birth mother, you deserve extra support.

Gathering More Information

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We also provide medical services including limited ultrasounds so you can get the pregnancy information you need. We don’t profit from your pregnancy decision and are here to give you the facts.

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