Can I Get Paid To Place My Baby For Adoption?

woman curious if she can get paid for adoption

If you are pregnant and thinking about placing your baby for adoption, you might be concerned about paying all the expenses. It is hard enough to go through an unplanned pregnancy without having a financial burden as well.

It is illegal to get paid to give your child to another family. However, the good news is that you can receive the funds you need to meet your expenses in order to have the baby.

Compensation For Birth Mothers In Texas

In Texas (as well as most of the country), women working with adoption agencies can expect to be paid for:

  1. Rent and Utilities
  2. Food
  3. Transportation
  4. Maternity Clothing
  5. Utilities

In addition, as part of their financial agreement, the adoptive parents will pay for all medical expenses (including doctor and delivery costs) as well as the legal fees that occur during the adoption process.

Other Benefits of Adoption

1. As The Birth Mother, You Get To Pick The Adoptive Family.

Most adoption agencies have picture albums with photos and information about each family. In addition, a phone call usually takes place in which you can talk with the family and get to know them. You may even choose to meet each other in person.

2. You Can Choose How Much Contact You Want With Your Child.

There are three types of adoptions in Texas:

  • An open adoption allows direct communication between birth mothers, their children, and the adoptive families.
  • A closed adoption seals the records, protecting the privacy of both the birth mother and the child.
  • Semi-option adoptions allow for some communication. This usually takes place through the adoption agency.
    Please note: Open adoption is viewed as an ‘agreement of the heart’ and is not legally enforceable in Texas.

What Can Cleburne Pregnancy Center Do For You?

At Cleburne Pregnancy Center, our experienced medical team can provide you with a free pregnancy test and ultrasound, giving you the assurance that you are truly pregnant. Our team will also give you comprehensive information on all your options, including adoption.

While we are not an adoption agency, we can help you connect with reputable adoption agencies to explore the option of adoption further. Contact us today!