Can You Help Me Place My Child for Adoption?

woman curious about adoption

Have questions about the adoption process? If you’re a prospective birth mother, this can be expected. You’ll want answers before making this pregnancy decision.

Cleburne Pregnancy Center is not an adoption agency, but we provide referrals to reputable, licensed adoption agencies in the area. We can also answer questions about the process and provide ongoing support.

Getting Started

If you’re considering adoption, you’ve probably reflected on your pregnancy options and decided you’re not ready to parent. There’s no shame or judgment in this decision; adoption is a brave choice that demonstrates a lot of maturity on your part.

Navigating adoption can feel complex, especially if you’re unsure where to begin. If you’ve already confirmed key pregnancy details with an ultrasound and reviewed your options, Cleburne Pregnancy Center can help you move forward.

Our advocates will discuss adoption with you, and you can select an adoption agency or attorney to get started. These professionals will explain your rights as the birth mother and the entire process; this step ensures you’re fully informed.

You may choose an independent adoption–which allows you to place your child with a loved one or someone you know–or an agency adoption. With an agency adoption, the agency will present prescreened prospective families.

You can select the adoptive family you feel most comfortable with and decide whether you want an open, semi-open, or closed adoption. Each of these plans offers a different level of privacy and communication.

Do I Have to Pay for Adoption?

As the birth mother, you do not pay for adoption services. In Texas, adoptive families are responsible for:

  • Prenatal care, pregnancy, and birth expenses for you and your child
  • Reasonable living expenses (i.e., rent, food, bills)
  • Your attorney fees

A Texas judge must first approve any expenses paid.

Know that you can change your mind about adoption at any time before signing the paperwork, even if you have already given birth.

We’ll Help You Find a Path Forward

Cleburne Pregnancy Center has free and confidential services for women with unplanned pregnancies. We care about your mental and physical well-being; get the information you need today.

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