How Do I Choose the Family that Will Adopt My Baby?

woman curious about the family that will adopt her child

You think you might be pregnant, but you aren’t sure what you want to do. Maybe you are uncomfortable with abortion but don’t feel like this is a good time to parent.

If that is the case with you, maybe adoption is your best choice. If so, here are some facts you might want to consider:

What Is True About Adoption In Texas?

  • There are many good state and private adoption agencies in Texas. At Cleburne Pregnancy Center, we can assist you by providing adoption referrals.
  • Those who apply to be adoptive parents go through a rigorous screening process to make certain their home is a safe and healthy environment for a child.
  • Birth parents and adoptive parents can choose a range of post-adoption communication plans from open, closed, or semi-open arrangements. You can share full identities and have direct communication, have no contact if that is preferred, or have contact and updates arranged through the adoption agency.
  • Post-adoption agreements are good-faith agreements of the heart and are not legally enforceable.

How Do You Choose the Best Family for You?

Since it will be up to you to select the family that will adopt your child, there are some questions you may want to ask yourself.

For instance, when you consider how your child will be raised, some of these questions may come to mind:

  1. Is the faith of the family an important factor? Do you want your child raised in a particular religious tradition?
  2. Do you want to ensure your child will have siblings by placing with a family that already has children? Or do you want your baby to be the first, and possibly only, child of the family?
  3. What kind of adoption does the family want (open, closed, semi-open)? This is important to know since you will establish a mutual post-adoption agreement.
  4. Do you want your child to grow up in a city or a country environment?
  5. Does the family seem to share your values?

In other words, what aspects of a family are important to you? You need to keep those things in mind as you look at each family profile.

Many adoption agencies will allow you to speak with the family before you make your choice. Make sure you know what you are looking for ahead of time so you can ask the right questions.

How Can We Help You?

At Cleburne Pregnancy Center, our experienced medical team can provide you with a no-cost pregnancy test and ultrasound to make certain you are pregnant.  We will also give you information on all your options, including adoption.

We are not an adoption agency, but we can connect you with excellent referrals. We care about helping you make the best decision for your life and future, as well as for your baby’s.

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