How to Tell Your Boyfriend You are Pregnant

Here is a woman wondering How to Tell Your Boyfriend You are Pregnant

Telling your boyfriend you’re pregnant can seem overwhelming, especially if you are young and still in school. 

“How will he react?” 

“What should I say?” 

These are some of the many questions probably racing through your head. 

We came up with some tips to make the process of telling your boyfriend you’re pregnant a bit easier. Keeping this secret to yourself can cause a lot of unwanted stress and anxiety. All you can do is try your best to navigate through your unplanned pregnancy. You are not alone!

Timing is Everything 

With the news of an unplanned pregnancy, picking the right time to tell your boyfriend is key. Tell him when he’ll have plenty of time to process the news, maybe on a weekend or a day he is off work. Think of a time where he is most at ease, depending on if he’s a morning person or night owl. 

Never tell your partner the news through a call or text. If you feel comfortable, telling him face to face is best. Though it seems silly, good timing can help make the process smoother and less overwhelming for everybody.

Give Him Time to Take it in

It’s hard to say what kind of reaction your partner will have. This news hits everybody differently, some are sad, frustrated, anxious, or happy. It’s important to give him time to let it settle in and ask the questions that he needs to. 

If he is asking you questions and you feel safe to share, be honest with all your pregnancy details and how you’re feeling about it. Stay calm and bring someone along with you that you trust if needed. Sharing the news will bring you relief. You can do this.

Don’t Let Him Pressure You

No one can pressure you into a decision for your pregnancy. If your partner tries to push a decision onto you, know you have the final say about what you do next. If your boyfriend takes the news poorly and reacts in any way that makes you feel uncomfortable and unsafe, alert someone you trust about what’s happening right away. 

Confirm Your Pregnancy

Once you’ve both had time to process the news and navigate all the emotions, it’s time to consider all your pregnancy options. But in order to know what your pregnancy options are, you will need to confirm your pregnancy with pregnancy testing and an ultrasound.

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