I Already Have Mental Health Problems. Could Abortion Make it Worse?

woman considering abortion

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. It is crucial to weigh all the risks whenever you make a major medical decision.

Abortion is a decision that requires thought and medical oversight. Before choosing this option, you should always learn about the procedure and assess the potential mental health implications.

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Abortion and Mental Health

Abortion is the only option that ends a pregnancy, and it’s a serious decision. This procedure is illegal in Texas in most circumstances.

If you already suffer from mental health issues, you should carefully consider the potential impact of this procedure.

One study found that certain risk factors, including pre-existing mental illness, identify women at the most significant risk of developing mental health problems after an abortion. What’s more, an abortion procedure directly contributes to mental health problems for at least some women.

If you have a pre-existing mental health issue like depression or anxiety, you run an increased risk of having more difficulties. Every woman’s experience will be different, but those who do struggle after an abortion may notice:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Feelings of loss

Taking Charge of Your Health

Your pregnancy decision matters, and choosing one that preserves your health is essential.

Before choosing an option, you should speak with a healthcare provider about your medical history and any concerns. Our nurses also provide limited ultrasounds so you can confirm your pregnancy and learn crucial medical information.

At Cleburne Pregnancy Center, you are our priority. We know this can be a difficult time, which is why our experienced and compassionate medical team is here to help.

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Note: Abortion is currently illegal in Texas except in cases of life endangerment, but women cannot be held criminally or civilly liable for seeking one.