I Don’t Want Another Abortion

This woman does not want an abortion again

Women have abortions for a variety of reasons. Age, finances, relationships, careers or education, and other responsibilities are some reasons why women choose to abort.

For some women, once is enough. Are you hoping to avoid another abortion?

You Have Other Options

If you are unexpectedly pregnant and do not want another abortion, you have other options. It costs nothing to schedule an appointment for an options consultation with one of our client advocates. We are a safe place to share your concerns confidentially.

Making An Adoption Plan

When you think about placing your child for adoption, you wonder, “Will my child be safe and loved?” and  “How can I possibly give my child away?” These are legitimate questions and deserve an honest answer. 

Will my child be safe and loved?

Potential couples who apply to adopt a child go through careful evaluation. The process requires several background checks, including criminal and sex offender checks.


Their home is evaluated for safety, and they submit a lengthy profile providing family history, health and financial records, and character references. Part of the process includes filling out a bio on why they hope to adopt a child and the love they have to offer. 


When you choose an Open Adoption Plan, you select the couple to raise your child. By looking at several bios, you will have the assurance you need that your child will be safe and loved.

How can I possibly give my child away?

Sadly, none of your options for your unexpected pregnancy are easy. You already know the pain of abortion. Adoption has a different type of grief.


Even though you have chosen the family for your child, it is difficult to walk away. Because you have continued your pregnancy, you automatically have a bond. There is no denying you will always be your child’s birth mother. You aren’t “giving them away.” No loving mother can give a child away.


Knowing it is best for their child, many women before you have chosen to make an adoption plan. Despite their pain, they know another family can give them the safety, love, time, financial benefits, and opportunities they wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s brave and bold.


You need to ensure your adoption agency or another specialist can provide the counseling, support, and comfort you need. 


If you do not want another abortion, parenting your child is another option. Although this idea may seem impossible, there are resources and community referrals that can help you become the most successful parent possible.


A couple of questions you could be asking are, “How can I afford to parent?” and “What will my life be like as a parent?” We’ll offer some answers to these questions too.

How can I afford to parent?

As we said, there are several resources available to assist you. If you are a single parent, check out singlemomassistance.org. You will find help with housing, medical needs, bill paying, job training, etc.


There are many other organizations to help as well. Johnson County offers programs for child care, clothing, diapers, and food, and Harvest House provides links to other resources.


The team at Cleburne Pregnancy Center is ready to assist you. Ask about our no-cost educational opportunities and material assistance.

What Will My Life Be Like?

There is no other experience quite like parenting. It is the most joyous and exhausting job on earth, but parenthood changes your life in wonderful ways. 


Yes, parenting will limit your social time with your friends, but you will make new friends who learn to parent like you. It will slow down your goals, but parenting doesn’t mean you can’t achieve them.


You need a strong support system to help you physically and emotionally. Whether your parents or other family members choose to support you or not, we support you. We will walk through this parenting journey with you providing education, material support, and encouragement.

Contact Cleburne Pregnancy Center to discuss your options for adoption and parenting. We’re ready to help you sort through it all. We promise, you are not alone.