Is Abortion Better Than Adoption?

woman curious about adoption and abortion

There’s often misinformation about pregnancy options. Abortion is viewed as a straightforward way to end a pregnancy, while some argue adoption is too difficult a choice.

It’s imperative that you receive the facts about your options in an unbiased manner. You alone can decide what’s best for your pregnancy.

What Happens During Abortion?

An abortion procedure terminates an existing pregnancy. There are two main types of abortion procedures–medical abortion and surgical abortion.
Medical abortion uses drugs to terminate an early pregnancy. It is FDA-approved through ten weeks of gestation (how long you have been pregnant).

During this process, mifepristone blocks progesterone, and misoprostol causes uterine contractions that expel the pregnancy and associated tissue. This abortion method is most commonly completed at home without medical supervision.

Surgical abortion uses dilation, surgical instruments, and suctioning. This procedure is typically performed in a clinic, hospital, or physician’s office and may use anesthesia.

For both types of abortions, known risks such as infection and heavy bleeding can occur. It’s crucial to speak with a medical provider and get the facts before making this decision.

Every woman reacts differently to an abortion. For some, there may be feelings of relief. For others, the healing process might feel complex and challenging. Regardless, it is important to know that post-abortion healing and support is available at Cleburne Pregnancy Center, whether an abortion occurred yesterday or 30 years ago.

Will I Regret Choosing Adoption?

Making an adoption plan for your baby can be a positive choice for both you and your baby. Adoption is not “giving up” a child, though you may have heard this antiquated term. Careful and selfless planning to provide your child with a great life is the opposite of “giving up.” Giving your child a better life in a loving family is a courageous decision that will include a measure of loss and grief, to be sure, but also pride, hope and peace of mind.

If you choose, you can select the adoptive parents and form a relationship with your child. Post-adoption plans range from fully open adoption with identities disclosed to closed adoption where the birth parent may choose minimal involvement. Each offers a different level of relationship and contact with your child and the adoptive family.

Even if you think adoption may be too difficult for you, it is important to fully consider your options when making a decision about an unplanned pregnancy. Whatever choice you make will have life-long repercussions for you and for your baby. Cleburne Pregnancy Center offers non-judgmental support to explore all of your options at such a time.

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