Sharing Your Heart: How to Talk With Your Family When Considering Abortion

woman curious about adoption and abortion

Speaking with your family about an unexpected pregnancy may feel like the hardest experience of your life. And it can be difficult not to have an emotionally charged conversation, especially if you’re considering abortion. 

You alone can make a pregnancy decision, but understanding your options and learning what support you’d have with each one can create possibilities you hadn’t considered. Continue reading to learn more about how to have this conversation with your family. 

Before the Conversation

Before speaking with your family, gathering information on abortion, adoption, and parenting is essential. Even if you’re thinking about abortion, doing your research shows your family that you’re informed. 

Abortion is illegal in Texas except when a provider deems that the life or health of the woman is at risk. This means you’d likely have to travel out of state for a procedure. 

And there are several steps you should take before considering this option. 

Cleburne Pregnancy Center offers limited ultrasounds to confirm your pregnancy’s viability (whether it is progressing and has a heartbeat), gestational age (how far along you are), and location. You need these details to learn about your pregnancy and protect your health. 

Presenting information on your pregnancy, including how far along you are, can give your family more clarity on the situation. 

Our center also provides free and confidential options counseling. You’ll learn the risks and side effects of abortion and receive information on parenting and adoption. That way, you can make an informed choice. 

Talking with Your Family

With more information in hand, you may feel ready to speak with your family. It is essential to choose a time when they can listen to you without distractions. This is a challenging situation, and you deserve their undivided attention. You’ll also want to choose an environment you feel comfortable with. 

It’s best to speak honestly about your unexpected pregnancy. You can share details you feel comfortable with. 

Your family may react with anger, shock, confusion, and more. Remember, if this is their first time hearing about your pregnancy, these reactions likely reflect their concerns. 

You may learn that you’d have more support with parenting than you expected, or perhaps your family strongly disagrees with abortion. Hearing their perspectives can give you new things to think about. However, remember that no one has the right to decide for you. 

Want to Learn More About Our Services?

Cleburne Pregnancy Center is here for you. We don’t provide or refer for abortions, but you’ll receive accurate information on all options. We aren’t here to judge or shame you for your situation. 

This can be a stressful time, but you aren’t alone. Make a free and confidential appointment today. 

Note: Abortion is currently illegal in Texas except in cases of life endangerment, but women cannot be held criminally or civilly liable for seeking one.