What if I Change My Mind After Placing My Baby for Adoption?

woman curious about adoption

Understandably, you may be nervous or have second thoughts about adoption. As the birth mother, you have the right to change your mind before signing the adoption paperwork, even after birth.

In most cases, you cannot undo an adoption after the paperwork has been finalized and you relinquish parental rights. But no one should pressure you into making a specific decision. This is your life and future.

Cleburne Pregnancy Center can discuss adoption with you and provide referrals to reputable agencies.

Preparing Yourself For Adoption

If you have an unplanned pregnancy and have chosen adoption, there’s much to think about. You may have already connected with an adoption agency and received information.

It’s important to know your rights as the birth mother. Adoption is your decision to make, and you can choose the adoptive parents. You can also select from several post-adoption plans, including*:

  • Open adoption: You’ll establish a relationship with the adoptive family and play a role in your child’s life.
  • Semi-open adoption: Communication between you and the adoptive family is mediated through a third party like an adoption attorney or agency.
  • Closed adoption: You won’t have contact with the adoptive family. You’ll remain anonymous, and all identifying records are sealed.

*Post-adoption contact plans are viewed as a relational ‘agreement of the heart’ and are not legally binding in the state of Texas.

Adoption can be a difficult decision. It is often emotional and challenging to place your child with another family, and you may struggle during the process. That’s why continued support and even mental health resources can be vital to help you cope in healthy ways.

No one can pressure you to place your child in another family. It’s your decision. Moreover, you should never be expected to pay for adoption services. You may even be entitled to financial and material assistance throughout the adoption process.

We’re Here To Talk

Whether you’re gathering information on adoption or have questions, we’re here for you. Cleburne Pregnancy Center provides a listening ear and can connect you to adoption agencies so you can make an informed decision.

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