Why Would I Choose Adoption Instead of Abortion?

woman curious about adoption instead of adoption

Each pregnancy option has pros and cons, and you’ll need information before deciding. Remember, an unplanned pregnancy decision shouldn’t be made by anyone else; no one can coerce you into selecting a specific option.

If you’re considering abortion, adoption may not seem like a logical second option. Women choose abortion because they don’t want to continue their pregnancies, and the reasoning behind their decision can vary.

But abortion isn’t a minor decision; it can have serious physical and mental consequences. You owe it to yourself to be informed and learn about each option before deciding.

Is Abortion Really a Big Decision?

For some women, abortion can seem like an easy solution to an unplanned pregnancy. They won’t carry their pregnancy to term, and life may seemingly “go back to normal.” But abortion is a significant decision with big impacts.

Both medical abortion and surgical abortion have physical risks you should know. Although these risks are rare, they can be severe and include:

Abortion can also take a mental toll on some women. You could experience grief, depression, anxiety, and more, which could be severe.

Every woman experiences different emotions after an abortion, but these emotions could be complicated by factors like preexisting mental health conditions or religious beliefs. Get the facts about mental and physical risks before choosing abortion.

How Could Adoption Be the Better Choice?

It may seem strange to consider adoption if you don’t wish to continue your pregnancy. But if your feelings stem from not wanting to parent, adoption may be the better option.

Although adoption can be emotionally complex, it can provide peace of mind. You may find solace in knowing your child is cared for and has a chance at a healthy future. If you feel physically or mentally unable to parent, you don’t have to do so.

As the birth mother, you’d carry your child to term, give birth, and place him or her in an adoptive family. You have control over the adoption process and can select the parents who will raise your child.

Potential adoption plans include open adoption, closed adoption, and semi-open adoption. Each plan allows a different level of contact with the adoptive family. Your well-being is the priority here, so you won’t be pressured into choosing a specific plan.

Before making a pregnancy decision, you should learn about every option, including adoption. You deserve to make a decision based on facts.

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