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What are the Potential Health Risks of the Abortion Pill

Are you considering taking the abortion pill for your unplanned pregnancy? In this blog, we will discuss the known side effects and risks of the abortion pill, as well as how it works to end a pregnancy and what you need to know before accessing the medication. How Does the Abortion Pill Work?  The abortion … Continued

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What Are the Side Effects of the Abortion Pill?

Unexpected pregnancies happen, and when they do, it’s wise to consider every option so you can make a confident decision. Keep reading to become more informed on the abortion pill, and its side effects and risks. What Is the Abortion Pill? The abortion pill (medical abortion) is a pregnancy termination method that uses two drugs: … Continued

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What is the Abortion Pill?

Pregnancy was something you never saw coming. You thought you were careful and you are still confused about how it even happened. If you are considering taking the abortion pill, you should know the facts before making a decision.  At Cleburne Pregnancy Center, we offer free and confidential pregnancy confirmation services so you can know … Continued

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